Mobile telescopic aluminum scaffolding S006XLN - Working height 622 cm - Free shipping - Brand Mobech & Cagsan

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The aluminum scaffolding with two TeleSafe XLN modules is provided with additional horizontal bracing and a protective parapet as standard equipment. Scaffolds are easy to adjust thanks to the special joint system, they are safe, they have a low weight, they are easy to dismantle and can be used in multiple fields of activity. The scaffolding is made of a solid aluminum structure and reinforced with steel legs. The two rows of steps are connected by diagonal and horizontal bracing made of iron tubes.

(m.) (m.) (m.) (m.)* (kg.) (cm.) (WxLxH/cm) (WxLxH/cm)
S004_XLN 2x8 2.50 3.90 2.75 4.55 98 125-215x210 75x225x38 39x122x46
S005_XLN 2x10 3.05 4.95 3.83 5.63 121 125-215x210 75x280x38 39x122x46
S006_XLN 2x11 3.34 5.54 4.42 6.22 125 125-215x210 75x310x38 39x122x46
S007_XLN 2x13 3.87 6.35 5.23 7.03 130 145-235x210 75x360x38 39x148x46
S008_XLN 2x15 4.41 7.17 6.05 7.85 165 145-235x215 75x415x45 39x154x46

Thanks to the new Q-Lock locking system, installation is very fast and safe.
The height of the platform and the scaffolding can be adjusted by 28 cm using the rope and pulley system. The railings with a height of 100 cm ensure safe working conditions.

  • The displayed price includes the protective parapet.
  • The S007XL and S008 XL models contain 2 platforms (podines).
  • Maximum weight supported 186 kg
  • Original spare parts available in stock
  • Free shipping throughout Romania
  • Steps with square profile
  • Maximum load: 186 kg
  • Connecting parts
  • Q-Lock locking system
  • Step dimensions: 30x30 mm
  • Dimensions of spars: 75x25 - (100x25 mm - S008)
  • Platform: plywood, 15 mm, resistance to environmental factors
  • The displayed prices do not include VAT
  • The products are properly packaged.
  • Each fiscal invoice will include the declaration of conformity and the guarantee certificate of the products.

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