Movable ladder with platform and protective railing - Working height 400 cm - Code: Cagsan RD0012-2,0

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Mobile Professional Ladder with Anti-slip Platform – Optimal Solution for Maximum Efficiency in Work Spaces

Raise the standards of safety and efficiency in your workspace with our new professional mobile ladder , specially designed to meet the complex needs of industrial environments, warehouses and spaces with high shelves. With a robust construction of Sigma profiles and high quality aluminum, this ladder is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions of use.

Supreme Adaptability: Available in five different sizes , this mobile ladder adapts perfectly to the various requirements of storage spaces and work areas, from logistics warehouses to tall libraries and shops.

Mobile and Versatile: Equipped with four resistant, pivoting wheels and equipped with safety brakes, the ladder offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing easy and safe movement in tight or crowded places.

Comfort and Safety: The wide, non-slip steps ensure unparalleled stability and increased comfort in use, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

Safe Work Platform: With a 60x40 cm non-slip and spacious work platform, it allows users to operate safely and comfortably.

Solid Railings: Made of durable aluminum, the railings provide extra security for users, preventing accidents.

High Durability: Designed to withstand the intense wear and tear of industrial environments, this professional ladder is a long-term investment in the efficiency and safety of your workspace. Choose the escalator with the platform that defines the new standards in mobility, safety and durability.

Perfect for warehouses, industrial spaces, stores with high shelves or libraries, this ladder is the solution you need to reach new heights in operational efficiency. Invest in state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each task is performed with maximum precision and safety.

Model Steps + Platform Total height Platform height Working height Weight (W.xW.xH./cm.)
RD0012-1.0 3+1 2.0 m. 1.0 m. 3.0 m. 35.0 kg. 100x100x200
RD0012-1.5 5+1 2.5 m. 1.5 m. 3.5 m. 47.0 kg. 126x100x250
RD0012-2.0 7+1 3.0 m. 2.0 m. 4.0 m. 56.6 kg. 150x100x302
RD0012-2.5 9+1 3.5 m. 2.5 m. 4.5 m. 62.2 kg. 173x120x352
RD0012-3.0 11+1 4.0 m. 3.0 m. 5.0 m. 73.6 kg. 196x120x402

* All ladders with platforms, regardless of size, have the TÜV-SÜD EN131-7 Quality Certificate.
** Maximum weight supported: 150 kg (kilograms).

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