Metal shelf MiniRack™ 40x200 cm - Shelves for easy storage, document archiving

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choice: Width 120 cm - 200 kg/level
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  • Shelves for archiving documents or light storage 200-350 kg/levels with metal shelves included.
  • The crossbars (horizontal profiles) are available in four lengths: L:120 cm, L:150 cm, L:180 cm and L:210 cm.
  • Crossbars with fastening systems without screws are adjustable on height and allows you to adjust the shelves very easily.
  • Maximum weight supported on a shelf module is 2000kg/module.

Table of admissible loads:


Useful width


weight max. sup.

H: 200 cm 120 cm 40 cm 200 kg/level
H: 200 cm 150 cm 40 cm 250 kg/level
H: 200 cm 180 cm 40 cm 300 kg/level
H: 200 cm 210 cm 40 cm 350 kg/level

* The displayed price is for 1 single module and includes 1 upright (leg) with a height of 200 cm, a depth of 40 cm, 4 levels of crossbars with galvanized metal shelves.
* The price does not include the final upright and 1 final upright is added to each series (chain, group of shelves).

Colors / Dimensions:

The legs of the shelf are anthracite gray and the crossbars are orange. They can be produced in the desired sizes and colors for special projects or large volume orders.

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