End post for industrial shelves (termination)

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Height: 300 cm
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  • The shelf modules consist of a single upright (shelf leg) and crossbars (horizontal beams).
  • The first module is connected to the foot of the next module and in this way the series is completed.
  • However, one last leg will be needed to close the last module. We call this termination "Final amount".
  • You will need to order a "Final Amount" at the end of each series, taking into account the height of the shelf.

The uprights of the shelves are produced from steel "omega" profiles galvanized, galvanized or electrostatically painted with a depth of 1050 mm. They are fixed between them by screwing, with the help of C profile braces to be able to supports weights of over 17000 kg.

Optimize your storage space with our industrial racks designed for efficient and safe handling of palletized goods. With a height of 450 cm and a total length of 270+10 cm, these shelving systems in five dimensions will ensure that any storage space is maximized to its full potential.

Main Features: Generous Dimensions: Height 450 cm, Depth 105 cm, Length 270+10 cm

  • High Load Capacity: Supports between 1400 and 3500 kg per level
  • Durable Construction: "omega" profile uprights of electrostatically painted steel
  • Simple Assembly: Screwing system with C-profile braces
  • Maximum Safety: Crossbars with optional length 180 cm or 270 cm, fixed with safety nails


  • Spatial Efficiency: Maximize vertical and horizontal storage space
  • Durability: Superior quality materials for long-lasting use
  • Flexibility: Easily adapt to pallet changes with adjustable crossbars
  • Easy Access: The ergonomic design facilitates access to the pallets

Prepare your warehouse for increased efficiency and safety with our pallet racks . Buy now and transform the way you manage stocks and logistics!

Technical Data Sheet / Specifications:

* Maximum weight allowed per level: between 1400 and 3500kg:

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