Perforated wall shelf for shops 225x95 cm, Base 50 cm + 1 shelf of 40 cm

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Perforated wall shelves of at Frameworks they contain a basic shelf of 50 cm depth and another suspended shelf 40 cm deep. Hangers (rods-hooks) are optional and not included in the price of the shelves. The hooks have different sizes and support a weight of 1-1.5 kg. The metal shelves are made of a 0.8 mm steel sheet, with double reinforcement, painted in electrostatic field. Each policy is built with double reinforcement so that it successfully resists weights up to 100 kg.

The shelves sold by Frameworks - the exclusive representative in Romania of the Royal brand are TUV, CE and EN ISO 9001 certified and are extremely flexible, with multiple exploitation possibilities and can be installed very easily.

An advantage of these shelves metallic as the user is not limited to the number of standard policies, and more can be added, depending on the need.

Careful! The price of each shelf includes only one leg (upright), because in the configuration of store shelves, two adjacent shelves share the same support leg. This configuration saves costs , eliminating the need to purchase a second leg for each shelf.

The Final Upright , composed of a vertical profile and a metal base, is necessary to complete the series of wall shelves in stores. Without this element, the series of shelves would not be complete and would not be stable.

For example, to install a set of 5 shelves on a wall, you need 5 wall shelf modules and a single Final Upright with a height of 225 cm. The Final Amount is conveniently available under the shelf description and can easily be added to your order.

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