Final upright for middle shelves (store) H: 180 cm

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In the shop shelving configuration, two adjacent shelves share the same support leg. To complete and stabilize a row of shelves, an additional leg is required at the end of the series. This extra leg is what we call the " Final Amount ".

The Final Upright for gondolas (middle shelf) , consisting of a vertical profile and two metal bases, is necessary to complete the series of middle shelves in stores. Without this Final Amount, the series of shelves would not be complete and could not be stable.

Example : To install a set of 3 gondola-type middle shelves connected to each other, you will need 3 shelf modules and a single Final Upright with a height of 180 cm . It is listed immediately under the store shelves description, as a complementary option, easy to add to your order.

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